Reboot Offers New Generation of Immune System Boosters

Norwalk, Connecticut (July 11, 2013) – Reboot is offering the Reboot antioxidant support supplement, which is considered the new generation of immune system boosters. The supplement is a blend of seven antioxidant-rich super plant and fruit extracts that battle free radicals and oxidative stress in the body.

Reboot works by acting at the cellular level to provide power to the body and enable it to build up its own antioxidant system. The product’s natural plant extracts carry potent antioxidant enzymes like Glutathione and SOD, as well as direct antioxidants like Vitamin C. The extracts come from dandelion, licorice, angelica, artichoke, lemon, lemon balm, and acerola. The supplement also aids in stopping the accumulation and circulation of toxins and free radicals within the body, thanks to the presence of plant molecules in its formula.

The product undergoes an extraction process and formula preparation that ensure the integrity of its enzyme system until this takes effect on the cellular level. This results in an enhanced immune system, which is especially important for dealing with oxidative stress. Reboot offers exceptional bioavailability, with a clinically-proven rate of 95%. This means that it is easily absorbed by the body, giving it an edge over other supplements and secondary oxidants.

Pollution, stress caused by daily work, long and taxing trips, intense workouts, and vices like drinking and smoking contribute to the formation of free radicals in the body, which in turn cause minor illnesses and severe diseases like cancer. It becomes essential for people to regularly take effective immune system supplements to assist their body in fighting off sickness, restoring optimal health and wellness, and expediting recovery.

Reboot spent 25 years of research on oxidative stress and antioxidant enzyme systems to come up with a unique, innovative, and potent supplement. They developed a natural infusion formula over a 12-year span to meld the components that make up Reboot. This supplement is also vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and GMO-free.

Moreover, the company crafted a unique, two-compartment packaging design to contain Reboot’s natural extracts and purified water, respectively. This is tightly sealed and protected from oxygen exposure to keep the potency of their contents. Users need to squeeze the pouch containing the water to break the inner seal and, in turn, have the water blend with the powdered antioxidant.

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About Reboot

The company worked with scientists at the Swiss Alpenrose Clinic in isolating and combining the plant extracts that make up Reboot. Having made the supplement available on their online shop and in retail stores nationwide, they encourage personal trainers, yoga instructors, and other fitness professionals to help promote its benefits.

Posted by: Priscilla Stevens

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